06-14 F150 Pod Light Adapter Bracket -TR-F150-01
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06-14 F150 Pod Light Adapter Bracket

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06-14 F150 Pod Light Adapter Bracket
Part Number: TR-F150-01
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Looking to replace your factory fog lights with the extremely popular import pod lights or Rigid Dually lights?  This bracket will easily adapt the import pod lights to your factory foglight bracket. No-drill installation.  All necessary hardware included.  Bolts to existing holes in your factory fog light shroud.

Laser cut and CNC formed, powder coated low gloss textured black.  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Choose between a pair of TR-9005 pigtails or a pair of TR-H10 plug and play wiring adapters when ordering.   The TR-H10's will be a direct plug and play adapter for Rigid Dually lights, as well as other import lights that include the square deutsch plug included on the light.    If your import light does NOT have a square deutsch plug already on the end of the wiring, select the TR-9005 option, which is a 9005 plug with wire leads that you will wire to your light, and allow you to plug directly into your OE fog light wiring. 


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