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2010-Current Jeep Wrangler JK Qi Wireless Charging Kit

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2010-Current Jeep Wrangler JK Qi Wireless Charging Kit
Part Number: FDMC-1262
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This Jeep Wrangler Qi Wireless Charging Kit (part number: FDMC-1262) is designed to seamlessly integrate with your 2010-Current Wrangler's center console.

Charging your phone has never been easier. FreedomCharge uses the wireless charging standard, Qi, to keep your phone going without the hassle of plugging it in. This type of charging has taken off with use in homes, but not until recently have you been able to get this convenient and easy to use technology in your vehicle.

It works by using inductive charging technology to allow your smartphone to charge without connecting a charger. No longer will you have to search for your charger and orient it the correct way just to plug in your phone. Add a new level of convenience to your car and keep your eyes on the road, instead of fumbling with a tangled mess of cords.

  • Utilizes the wireless charging standard, Qi to charge your phones without cables
  • Does not interfere with your vehicle’s Bluetooth functionality while using your infotainment system.
  • Charge’s your phone to 100% battery and tapers off to avoid overcharging.
  • Features an LED light that lets you know when your phone is charging and when it is full.
  • A seamless install gives the charging mat a factory-look without any unsightly cables
  • The non-slip charging mat holds your phone securely in place while driving.

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