2017 Ford Super Duty Dual Fog Light Brackets
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2017-2019 F250/350/450 License Plate Mount - Low version

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2017+ F250/350 License Plate Mount - Low version
Part Number: TR-2017LPM
Availability: In Stock

If you're wanting to mount a 20, or 40" light bar in the opening of your 2017 to 2019 Ford F250/F350 and your state requires a front license plate, this is your solution!  This is an OEM Ford license plate bracket that mounts the license plate lower on the bumper and will have very minimal interference if any with a light bar.

This works on trucks with the 4WD lower valance that has two slots in it where the valance meets the metal part of the bumper, in the center.   

The bracket hangs on the lower lip of the bumper opening and clips into the valance.

  • New OEM factory License Plate mount
  • Mounts the plate below the opening to allow room for light bars.

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