7'' Vortex LED Headlight - Pair-XIL-7RDKIT
  1. 7'' Vortex LED Headlight - Pair

7'' Vortex LED Headlight - Pair

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  • High Beam, Low Beam, LED Halo Ring
  • Wiring and Adapter Plug Included
  • DOT Approved Headlight
  • 4,210 Raw Lumens Each

DOT Certified Driving Light

Take your Vision X Vortex LED Headlight anywhere without worrying. Every part of the headlight has been approved and certified by the DOT in all states. 

Universal Applications

The 7″ Vortex was designed to be used by any vehicle that currently has a 7″ Factory Headlight, or has a custom fit 7″ mounting area. Jeeps, Classic Cars, and Motorcycles were all kept in mind while the Vortex was engineered, making it the perfect light for those applications.

LED Halo Ring:

The Vortex LED Headlight features a bright halo ring that can be active without having the low beam or high beams on. Having a 7″ halo on the front of your vehicle will not only turn heads, but also provide you with the optimal lighting options for the right conditions.

3 Different Modes:

Equipped with a Halo LED Ring, the Vortex LED Headlight also comes packed with an extremely powerful high-beam, and a wide spread low beam. With such diversity in beam pattern, you can rest assured that you’ll have to right lighting for the right scenario at any given time.


Hybrid Aluminum-Polycarbonate Housing
Durable UV Resistant Polycarbonate Lens
PAR 56 / H6017 / H6024 Direct Replacement
3 Modes (Low, High, Halo) >Universal Applications
DOT Certified
IP-68 Rated

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