97-06 TJ Front Mid-Width 49'' Base Bumper-TJ-FMW9706
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97-06 TJ Front Mid-Width 49'' Base Bumper

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97-06 TJ Front Mid-Width 49'' Base Bumper
Part Number: TJ-FMW9706
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Mid-Width Front TJ Bumper

Our Mid-Width TJ Front Bumper is 49" wide putting the ends of the bumper about even with the center of the fender turn-signals.  The width is great for a Jeep that still sees road-time.  

Features include:
  • 3/16" laser cut, CNC formed steel construction for strength,
  • 1" thick D-ring tabs welded through the bumper fits standard 3/4 D-Rings with a 7/8" pin.
  • Pre-drilled light mounting holes.
  • Drilled for the standard 10" x 4.5" winch bolt pattern.
  • Fairlead mount that accepts both hawse and roller fairleads included.
  • Uses 8 mounting points; 6 on the top, 2 on the bottom.
  • Pre-drilled hole for accepting our 97-06 TJ Steering Box Skid
If choosing the powder coating option, please allow a week for powder coating.

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