ARB JK Traction Pack D30/D44-ARB100/117KIT1
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ARB JK Traction Pack D30/D44

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Your Price: $2,246.00
ARB JK Traction Pack D30/D44
Part Number: ARB100/117KIT1
Availability: In Stock Free Shipping

ARB is happy to introduce Traction Packs, a unique option for the JK owner who wants to achieve true four wheel drive. This retail available package includes two Air Locker (front and rear axle), a compressor, and accessories for tire a $299.00 savings over individual product purchases.


• 1 x RD100 D30 Air Locker

• 1 x RD117 D44 Air Locker

• 1 x CKMA12 - High Performance Compressor 

• 1 x 171302 - Pump Up Kit 

• 1 x ARB605 - Inflator with Gauge 

• 1 x Air Locker Key Chain 

• 1 x Air Locker Hat

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