40" Curved LED Light Bar Brackets for 2017 Super Duty
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Bumper Brackets for curved 40"-42” LED light bars - 2017-2020 Ford Superduty F250 F350

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2017+ F250/350 curved 40" LED light bar mounts
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Supplement the factory fog lights with a curved 40"-42”LED light bar on your 2017+ Super Duty and light up the night!  This bracket kit will put a single curved 40"-42” dual row end mount LED light bar in the center bumper opening. A great way to get additional light with a low profile design. Laser cut from 1/8" Stainless Steel, CNC bent for precision, and powder coated black for great looks.   Mounts to existing holes in the bumper and with the factory hardware.  

**Will NOT fit Rigid Industries Curved Bars**
**Will NOT work on models with Adaptive Cruise Control unless relocated with a relocation kit.  We recommend the one from Rogue Racing.  Relocation kit will NOT work on Platinum models**

Removal of factory tow hooks is required.  You can purchase our Tow Hook Eliminator Brackets separately if you do not want to cut the factory hooks.  Factory tow hooks are part of a bumper bracket, and must be cut from the bracket.  

For States that require a front license plate, we have found that Ford offered two versions of the front license plate bracket on the 2017 trucks.  The most common bracket is the one that puts the plate right in the center of the bumper opening.   The other, puts it down low so it won't interfere with a light bar, it only sticks up in the bumper opening slightly.  We have that bracket FOR SALE HERE.

Download the PDF installation Instructions: 


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