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Shackle Not Included
Shackle Not Included

D-Ring Isolators

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D-Ring Isolators
Part Number: KU70056
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The Daystar D-Ring Isolators install on any standard ¾" shackle. They simply snap into place and can be installed or removed in moments. Polyurethane acts as an isolator for the shackle and prevents the shackle from tapping against a bumper or any other recovery point when the vehicle is in motion. The Isolator also protects your bumper’s finish from scratches caused by D-Ring contact.

Daystar D-Ring Isolators are available in Red, Blue, Yellow, or Black and can help add some color to any off-road vehicle. The D-Ring Isolators are sold in pairs.


  • Durable Polyurethane Matreial
  • Made In The USA

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