D.I.Y. LED Light Bar Tabs-BRK-1003
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LED Light Bar Tabs
LED Light Bar Tabs

D.I.Y. LED Light Bar Tabs

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These brackets allow you to easily mount an LED light bar to a flat surface or tube.  Laser cut from 3/16" steel.  Brackets are 3.5" tall  so you can cut them down to fit for your specific application.  Hole slot and opening fits a 5/16" bolt. The notch on one side allows you to mount larger 40" and 50" bars easily by yourself.  

Choose either flat base, or radius base.  Radius fits 1.75" tube, center-of-hole to top of radius is 2-7/8".   Flat base center-of-hole to base is 2-5/8".

Sold as a pair.

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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