Dynatrac ProSteer Ball Joints - Jeep JK-DYNJP44-2X3050C
  1. Dynatrac ProSteer Ball Joints - Jeep JK

Dynatrac ProSteer Ball Joints - Jeep JK

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Dynatrac ProSteer Heavy-Duty BallJoints™ are the strongest ball joints for the Jeep Wrangler JK, and the only ones that are rebuildable, making them the last set of ball joints you’ll ever need to purchase! 

Dynatrac ProSteer Heavy-Duty BallJoints™ feature:
•    US-made, Precision-ground stainless steel spherical ball 
•    US-made, Heat-treated Chromoly steel stem
•    US-made, High-strength billet steel body
•    Patented and exclusive, vertical impact ball stem travel arrestors
•    Teflon-coated friction surfaces to reduce wear and extend ball joint life
•    Specially designed grease seals prevent contamination of the internal area
•    Grease fittings that allow for regular greasing of the internals. 

Dynatrac ProSteer Heavy-Duty BallJoints™ rebuildable design allows you rebuild the ball joints without having to spend time and money on pressing the ball-joints out of the axle housing. This reduces wear and tear on the housing ends, along with significantly reducing downtime for servicing. 

No other ball joint is designed to withstand the rigorous demands of the off-road environment like Dynatrac Heavy-Duty BallJoints™. Dynatrac ProSteer Heavy-Duty BallJoints™ are the only aftermarket ball joint 100% made and assembled in America, They’re an upgrade every JK owner should have on their rig

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