OE Foglight Pigtail Wiring - 9005/9006/H10-TR-9005
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OE Foglight Pigtail Wiring - 9005/9006/H10

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OE Foglight Pigtail Wiring - 9005/9006/H10
Part Number: TR-9005
Availability: In Stock
If your new LED light bar or LED cube lights don't have a Deutsch connector on the end, you can use this pigtail to splice onto your light so you can plug it directly into your factory foglight wiring harness.  5" positive and negative leads off the back of the plug.

One pigtail included.  If wiring a single 20" bar, only one plug is needed. 

Warning: Your truck will need to have the existing OE fog light circuit installed for this harness to work.  The factory foglight wiring has a 10amp fuse in the fuse panel, you will need to make sure your LED lightbar draws less than 10 amps.  A typical 20" LED light bar draws around 6-7 amps, and single LED pods are much less.  

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