P-Series Driving Beam (30W) PAIR-P-DRIVING2
  1. P-Series Driving Beam (30W) PAIR

P-Series Driving Beam (30W) PAIR

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Superior Quality 2 Inch Driving Beam Pod that Provides Excellent Illumination

Get a crystal clear vision of anything on your path even in the darkest part of the night with our high quality, outstanding 2 Inch driving beam pod. Featuring a driving beam led pod, our 2 Inch LED Pod Series is perfect for your car, truck, jeep, off-road vehicles, UTV, tractor etc.

In addition, the LEDs are extra bright, thus, making anything in front of you extremely visible, even from afar. The housing and optics are made from superior quality materials and are capable of withstanding harsh conditions and rigorous use. It is a perfect blend of form and function.

The LED pods shine brightly just like other top-of-the-line LEDs. It is certified IP69K rating, thus, making it dust and waterproof. For individuals who love to travel or explore the woods at night, our 2 Inch Pod Series at Armored Lighting is perfect for you. They will absolutely serve your off road lighting needs for years to come.

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